Our values


— Relationships, respect for the environment and concern for the future

Since its inception, IGAP SpA has built its business on strong values and solid principles.
By committing to a Code of Ethics, the company is able to ensure satisfaction for its customers, value for shareholders, and professional growth for its employees and collaborators.

IGAP understands that the psychophysical wellbeing and satisfaction of its staff are the keys to improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Equity has always been the company's primary focus. It is therefore dedicated to supporting the next generations as they explore new experiences, put themselves to the test, and work together for growth based on discussion and dialogue.

Continuous training allows both individuals and teams to achieve personal growth and create a strong working community built on mutual respect, which is able to find the best possible solutions.

Courtesy and respect for diversity in an increasingly international world allow each individual to establish a sense of self and belonging.

Grandsoleil products are designed for spending time together, respecting the environment and looking to the future.

Grandsoleil wants to establish itself as the epitome of environmental sustainability; we want to play our part in creating a better world for future generations, striving to ensure that our products are produced using minimal resources while maintaining the highest possible quality.

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