Kitchen stools ideas for any type of decor

Kitchen stools ideas for any type of decor

A selection of the best kitchen stools for every style of furniture

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house and must be furnished with care, optimizing the space available and combining aesthetics and functionalityKitchen stools are an excellent solution to furnish this environment because they are particularly versatile and can have a double function. In fact, they can create additional seats, in addition to those of the classic kitchen chairs and, thanks to their modern design, they can give a touch of style and elegance to the kitchen


High stools are the ideal choice to furnish modern kitchens with island or peninsula, but they can also perfectly adapt to open space, to the living area, or to narrow spaces where you still need a good freedom of movement. Obviously, the choice of kitchen stools will depend very much on the type of environment and the style of furniture: the shapes, colors and materials must match with the rest of the furniture, so as to enhance the environment and create the right atmosphere. 


Here we offer a selection of the best Grandsoleil kitchen stools and the most suitable furnishing ideas for every environment. 

Modern kitchen stools, combining functionality and design

Modern kitchen stools represent the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and practicality of use and are the ideal choice to furnish environments. Characterized by clear lines, innovative materials and a minimalist design, these stools are not only seats, but real decorative and furnishing elements, which contribute to define the identity of the environment. The use of polycarbonate or polypropylene, combined with steel and other high quality materials, makes the Grandsoleil stools not only furniture with a refined design, but also extremely functional: they are easy to clean, resistant to wear and adjustable in height to fit perfectly to the counter or kitchen island. Their design, designed to ensure maximum comfort, makes them ideal for both lunches, aperitifs, quick and informal dinners and the daily use in the kitchen. 


The Imola stool, in particular, is the ideal choice for a kitchen with a contemporary and minimal style. Made with a polypropylene seat and chrome base, it stands out for its clean and essential lines, designed to combine practicality and design. The matt finish of the seat gives the stool a particularly sophisticated and modern look, while the base, made of chromed metal, adds a touch of elegance and shine to the interior. In addition, thanks to the adjustable height and ergonomic seat, this model is particularly versatile and can be adapted to different heights of kitchen islands, always ensuring optimal comfort. 


Imola is also available with black base in nine opaque colors, from neutral tones such as white, jute and moka, up to the most vibrant ones such as blue, yellow and anise green, designed to adapt to different furnishing tastes and fit perfectly in any type of environment. 

Stools for a classic style kitchen

Kitchen stools with polypropylene seats can also be used to furnish a kitchen in classic style. Polypropylene is in fact a versatile and functional material, which can fit perfectly even in more traditional contexts. Durable and easy to clean, it can be shaped into soft and sinuous shapes, reminiscent of the lines of classic furniture. The important thing, also in this case, is to ensure stylistic consistency, choosing stools that, although made with innovative materials, respect and enhance the intimate and welcoming atmosphere typical of classic kitchens. 


The Imola Mini stool is the ideal model to furnish even the most classic environments. Elegant and refined, it stands out for its clean lines and minimal design, which make it the perfect piece of furniture for kitchens with peninsula or for environments that have a high worktop. The combination of polypropylene and chrome legs creates an interesting and original contrast, which allows you to give a personal touch to traditional environments, without forgetting comfort. This stool model is designed to ensure comfort and resistance, as well as ease of cleaning, while maintaining its beauty and functionality over time. The polypropylene seat is available in nine colors, including delicate and neutral shades, such as gray, jute and moka, which are well suited to any type of furniture and contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere both in the kitchen and in the living area. 

Design stools to furnish the kitchen with style and elegance

Design stools for the kitchen represent much more than just a seat: they are an expression of aesthetic research, an innovative vision and a care for details that goes beyond functionality. The lines of the Grandsoleil design stools are clean, minimalist, but never banal: every detail is designed to furnish the environment and at the same time to offer maximum comfort. 


The stools for kitchen island Spider and Mini Spider are made with materials such as polycarbonate or polypropylene HIGHMOPP® and chromed metal, which are used in amazing ways, giving rise to unique interior furnishings, designed to become real focal points of the environment. But a design stool is not only aesthetic: ergonomics, adjustable height and resistance are fundamental characteristics of all Grandsoleil stools, which are constantly optimized. The seat of Spider stools, which is distinguished by the elegant spider web texture, offers a comfortable seating experience thanks to its ergonomic shape and the quality of the materials used, such as the innovative technopolymer HIGHMOPP® which offers a unique combination of strength, style and durability. In addition, the solid and robust chrome-plated metal frame ensures maximum stability and safety during use.


Both models are available in a wide choice of colors, from the most tenuous to the most vibrant, to allow you to customize the furniture according to the characteristics of the environment and make each space unique and unmistakable. 

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