Outdoor chairs and modern dining chairs

In this section you can find outdoor chairs and modern dining chairs made with different materials, design and colors, ideal to enhance both outdoor spaces, such as gardens, porches or terraces, both domestic or professional interiors. With a careful selection of materials and the utmost attention to every detail, Grandsoleil chairs are ergonomically designed to provide optimal support to the back and body, ensuring maximum comfort, regardless of the context in which they are placed.


Thanks to their elegant lines and the wide range of materials and colors available, the indoor chairs are perfectly suited to any style of furniture, from the most modern and minimalist to the most classic and traditional. The UpOn line modern dining chairs, made of polycarbonate, combine aesthetics, innovation and functionality for the furnishing of indoor environments. Polycarbonate, with its crystalline transparency and its extraordinary resistance, becomes the protagonist material of these chairs, creating a fascinating combination of form and substance.


Among the various proposals of outdoor chairs you can find instead the classic models in polypropylene, durable and functional products, but also chairs made with innovative materials, such as the lightweight, weather resistant and low environmental impact recycled polypropylene Greenpool. 



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