Recycled material

Recycled material

— Increasingly innovative designs for a more sustainable world.

GREENPOL, the recycled and innovative material

IGAP - GRANDSOLEIL contributes to creating a more sustainable environment by using GREENPOL plastic for many products of the GREEN BOHEME line, a recycled and innovative material from recycled plastic containers that are used daily in all homes (bottles, containers for detergents and detergents, etc. etc.).

IGAP - GRANDSOLEIL has for many years introduced this recycled material which gives rise to high quality products, especially with regard to our RATTAN SETS, considerably reducing the use of virgin raw materials without sacrificing safety and aesthetics.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that these products, made from recycled material, will continue to be recyclable, giving rise to new articles.

And even when the waste material can no longer be made back into furniture, we can use it to produce packaging materials, such as plastic pallets, for stacking and transporting our chairs.

By choosing GRANDSOLEIL, you are contributing to a sustainable recycling system.

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