Green Boheme introduction

Green Boheme. Imitation of nature and lower impact on nature.

the garden program manufactured out of greenpol, the new green recycled and recyclable polypropylene-derived compound

The Green Boheme program has been representing for IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL, during the last two years, the most advanced range of garden and porch items, from the point of view of a realistic imitation of nature, mainly under the specific form of the vivid imitation of the woven rattan surfaces, obtained thanks to the industrial injection process, and an innovative generation of technogically advanced moulds. With the Green Boheme catalogue, IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL aims anyway at a second important goal, given by the radical reduction of the oil foot print related to the items belonging to the program, that is the reduction of the oil foot print embodied by the virgin polypropylene adopted till two years ago for the production of the original Boheme program as well as of similar items. Thanks to the new polymeric compound Greenpol – that is the green polypropylene-derived compound-, developed and patented worldwide, since two years ago, and in a growing percentage, IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL is able to reduce the content of the virgin polypropylene needed for the items belonging to Green Boheme by a percentage between 50% and 100%, substituting these amounts with recycled polymers, specifically recycled polypropylene-derived compounds.

IGAP-GRANDSOLEIL is therefore offering to its customers a complete range of green and environmentally –oriented garden and porch items. This is the main reason and origin for the marketed brand Green Boheme, intended to emphasize the much lower impact of the new Greenpol material on natural environment. The main results obtained thanks to the introduction of Greenpol are the following ones:

Greenpol reduces the need of virgin polypropylene by a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 100% (being the most part of the items belonging to Green Boheme manufactured out of 75% of Greenpol), depending on the specific formulations and applications. The peak of the total elimination of virgin polypropylene is reached in particular in the production of the rattan sofa sets imitating the woven rattan surface. In this case sofas, armchairs, coffee tables are produced only and exclusively with 100% Greenpol.
Greenpol is neither toxic, nor dangerous. It does not contain any banned or restricted hazardous chemicals (ROHS), and is guaranteed to be free of all Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) contained in the list managed by ECHA, according to the European REACH regulation. The reason for Greenpol being chemically clean and safe is because it is not coming from the regeneration of industrial waste in whatsoever form, which is, on the contrary, a very dangerous, uncontrollable and unpredictable business. Greenpol comes only and exclusively from the regeneration of the polyolephins (PP and PE) resulting from the specific recollection and recycling of domestic packagings. This means that the origin of Greenpol is only in the specific reclaiming and recollection of the plastic urban garbage which families, all over western Europe, are disposing at home into specific bags or containers, not being allowed –according all the west-european rules and legislations- to mix those used polyolephinic packagings (mainly coming from food & beverage indu-stry, as well as from personal health care and household care and cleaning) with other plastic garbage. In the origin of the garbage is a substantial part of the safety of the recycled pp/pe polymer Greenpol, thanks to very high chemical standards required by food, beverage, personal and household care industry for virgin polymers. Beside that, the urban plastic garbage used for the production of Greenpol comes only from the geographical areas where the most severe legislations and rules for the specific reclaim and recollection of domestic packagings are enforced (Netherland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia and 6 regions of Northern Italy (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli, Emilia-Romagna). The rest of the chemi-cal safety is specifically added by IGAP spa, which is having modified and is directly modifying the polymeric pp/pe matrix, in the process of regeneration and production of garden furniture, only through the utilization of ecological non polymeric chemicals, patented worldwide. IGAP spa is not only counting on the standard certifications of the raw materials, provided by its suppliers, with reference to their production processes, and to the individual delive-ries of raw materials, but carries also out periodical extensive chemical controls on the recycled pp/pe matrix, in cooperation with prestigious chemical laboratories, to assess directly the absence, or in the worst case, the presence only in pp per millions (anyway far below the requirement of 1.000 parts per millions, that is the 0,1% in weight dictated by the REACH regulation for ROHS) of a specific and wide list of elements, chemical compounds and families of chemical compounds. This list exceeds by far the normal controls carried out on polymers, about the banned orthophtalates, and some heavy metals, because it includes also terephthalates, flame retardants, in particular bromine-derived, a much wider list of heavy metals and metals, as well as potentially dangerous non metals and metalloids.
Thanks to the above mentioned innovations introduced in the production and utilization of Greenpol, innovations leading to the development of a family of recycled polymeric compounds, specifically intended for the production of seats, seatings, chairs, tables and furniture, IGAP spa has actually been promoting the concrete industrial reutilization of this “golden” urban garbage for mass consumer goods, which are at the same time technical products, because of the severe European technical norms to be met, and design products, with a high aestethical value and surfaces. Until present time the only industrial known reutilization of this category of recycled polymers has been in fact in the agricultural sector, in the buiding sector, in the production of industrial pallets and containers, as well as in the urban design sector, or for the production of smaller products, with no particular technical requi-rements, in particular for garden decoration or utilization. This actual and concrete reutilization of urban plastic garbage is complete, and can close the circle of a sustainaible economic process, because all the products manufactured out of Greenpol are, at the end of their commercial life, on their turn, totally recyclable. Finally, the total utilization of Greenpol inside IGAP’s plant, with no industrial waste resulting from the production of Green Boheme, is obtained by the reutilization of the waste (start-up of production, changes of colors, defective units taken out of the process) for the production of the polymeric special pallets IGAP spa is putting under the chairs for delivery on piles, being all of our chairs stackable chairs.
Products manufactured out of Greenpol, are competing at the same quality level with products manufactured out of virgin polypropylene or virgin pp-derived compounds,from the point of view of the aestethical value of the surfaces and of the colors allowed for the surfaces. The same is true for technical specifications reachable thanks to the utilization of Greenpol, in the very severe world of chairs and seatings in particular: almost all the products belon-ging to Green Boheme enjoy the contract certification, either according the UNI-EN581-1 and 581-2/2009 norms for outdoor contract, or according to the UNI-EN16139/2013 norms for indoor contract. This is true also for our rattan sofa sets, manufactured out of 100% Greenpol, which were granted, since their launch on the market with the contract level certification for outdoor utilization. Finally, also from the point of view of bad and/or not accepted smel-ling, normally related to regenerated polymers, Greenpol is totally free of that, again thanks to a specific patented process of the recycled pp/pe matrix.
Production batches are severely controlled, according to the ISO-9001 procedures and norms for quality control and assessment, as well as for tracea-bility, in the internal IGAP’s laboratories. All new products, before the launch on the market, all the ongoing products, periodically (at least every second season), are sent for testing and technical certification to third entities, to assess compliance with the above mentioned european technical norms.
All in all considered, thanks to the above explained advantages and final exits, all products manufactured by IGAP spa out of Greenpol could be certified, in the worst case, at the silver level of the CRADLE-TO-CRADLE certification visit the links:,