GRANDSOLEIL is a business unit belonging to the IGAP s.p.a. This company is owned by the Pezzi family, and was established at the beginning of the sixties. It has been operating successfully across Europe, in the gardening, leisure and camping articles, outdoor furniture, open space and toy business. In particular, IGAP s.p.a. has being consolidating its European leadership and is at present supplying almost all the relevant european chains and groups.
IGAP s.p.a has its administrative headquarters located in Viadana, close to Mantua (Northern Italy), in order to guarantee the best service and a quick and efficient response to the market requests. The ultimate technological possibilities, the young management, the professional expertise and the loyalty to the customers allow IGAP to be a reliable partner. In 2005 IGAP s.p.a took over the Grazioli Grand Soleil company, being Grand Soleil the leading umbrella brand in Italy for outdoor furniture, gardening, open space and toys, mainly manufactured out of polypropylene, in the production facilities located in Canneto S/Oglio, also belonging to the Mantua province.

After a 3-year period devo-ted to the general restructuring and reorganizing the taken over company in the second halfth of 2008 IGAP BUSINESS UNIT decided to start a remarkable investment plan for the GRANDSOLEIL business unit , intended to reposition this leading brand on the European market , on the ground of a new mission which could be stated as it follows: “Develop, implement, produce and sell new profitable applications for commodity polymers and innovative technopolymers into the furniture business “Banking on the strong structure and production potential of GRANDSOLEIL, working on a total covered surface of 75.000 squared meters, as for production and warehousing facilities, located 25 km. ,far from the headquarters in Viadana, IGAP decided to adopt two main directions for the future development of the business unit in the medium run.

On the one side, from the point of view of innovative technopolymers, IGAP decided to introduce polycarbonate, as well as innovative polypropylene-derived compounds, into the production in volume of furniture, and first of all, specifically, of chairs; on the other side, from the point of view of the commodity polymers, to explore the possibility to mimic, through the technology of gas injection moulding applied to standard polypropylene, different kinds of natural wooden surfaces, and, first of all, the natural wicker (natural rattan) surfaces.

According to these main decisions, a first 40-milion euro in-vestment plan waas inplemented, did start at the beginning of 2009, bring the number of presses working in the plant, from the past 65 to 89, being all the new presses particularly power-ful and state-of –the-art machinery, because all of them allow GRANDSOLEIL to work at high speed on polycarbonate pro-ducts. In the same period GRANDSOLEIL has been introducing in production 30 new technologically advanced gas-injection moulds, only for chairs being manufactured out of polycarbo-nate and innovative polypropylene-derived compounds, and 18 new moulds for a family of different products with standard polypropylene surface, imitating the natural wicker (rattan) surface. And the number of new moulds GRANDSOLEIL is having developed and produced is continuously growing. The yearly capacity only for polycarbonate chairs is exceding at present the 4 million pieces, that is more than 12.000 polycarbonate chairs per day.

Our customers, all over the world, have therefore the possibility to rely on a growing number of highly innovative products, allowing, at the same time significant volumes, because of the very low production costs and the remarkably high quality/price ratio (both due to the state-of-the-art technology GRANDSOLEIL is working with), and attractive margins, totally different if compared to the traditional business, based on commodity polymers.

Share with us these enticing developments. “Keep an eye upon us”, to create a motto from the brand name UPON, given to the new range of chairs.