Green Boheme

Green Boheme

— Green Boheme sustainable furniture

Green Boheme. Evolution turns green

GRANDSOLEIL has always strived to offer sustainable furniture, ensuring high quality products with low environmental impact. Our Green Boheme line reflects this commitment, presenting a wide selection of plastic garden furniture and porch products made of Greenpol material, an innovative ecological formulation obtained from the recycling of plastic containers.

 Greenpol is a material: 

  • patented, which significantly reduces the use of virgin raw material, water, oil, electricity and CO2 released into the environment; 
  • non-toxic and safe, respecting nature and at the same time the strictest European standards of quality and safety; 
  • 100% recyclable at the end of the product's life. 

All products made with Greenpol maintain the same aesthetic, functional and technical characteristics of polypropylene products, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for outdoor furniture.

Eco friendly furniture to contribute to a more sustainable future

GRANDSOLEIL intends to pursue the ambitious goal of reducing the use of virgin polypropylene, as well as the oil content in its products (oil footprint reduction), to turn production towards the new Greenpol polymer formulations, creating increasingly environmentally eco friendly furniture. At present, our production facility is able to reduce the virgin polypropylene content by between 50% and 100%, replacing these quantities with recycled polymers. 

Green Boheme is the perfect line for those looking for sustainable chairs and "green" items for garden and porch, oriented to reducing the environmental impact, both in their production and at the end of life.

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