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UP ON. Design comes to life

An attractive, unique, young and extremely versatile design for our UPON line, where colors combine with innovation to become a creative piece of furniture. Innovative technopolymers and traditional polymers are the basis of Grandsoleil garden and indoor furniture, which have now become real MUST-HAVE in the furniture industry. 

Since 2009, polycarbonate has become part of our production, thanks to advanced molding techniques and machinery, from which comes a part of the UP ON line made of polycarbonate. High quality products, with high brightness and transparency, not to mention the extreme resistance of the material. On the other hand, the collection consists of polypropylene products, a constantly evolving material, ideal for the creation of durable, practical and light articles with a fresh and lively design. 

UP ON offers a wide range of products with a refined, modern style, always with a touch of color. UP ON models can be used in different sectors, suitable to meet every need of our customers.

Modern furniture: the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics

In addition to modern outdoor furniture, Grandsoleil is also specialized in indoor furniture, and over the years, has expanded the range of products offered to meet any furniture need. UpOn modern furniture perfectly embodies this philosophy, offering not only functional furniture, but real design elements, able to enhance any environment, both classic and modern.

UpOn line modern dining chairs are characterized by a unique brightness and transparency, which give them a timeless elegance. Thanks to the high resistance of polycarbonate and the advanced production techniques, these pieces of furniture stand out for their durability and versatility, adapting perfectly to any context and adding a touch of modernity and originality to the surrounding environment. 

Whether you want to furnish the garden, terrace or living room, Grandsoleil tables and chairs are the ideal choice to create a cozy, comfortable and visually striking space. With their combination of functionality and design, these furnishings can transform any environment with a touch of style, satisfying the needs of every customer in terms of practicality and design.

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