Modern open plan living room: 7 furnishing ideas

 Modern open plan living room: 7 furnishing ideas

Trendy ideas to furnish a modern open plan living room

In recent years, interior design trends are increasingly oriented towards the creation of multifunctional and wide-ranging environments, without dividing elements and that can unite different areas of the house, such as the living area, the dining room and the kitchen. Open spaces are born from the need to make the most of the spaces, in particular in two-room apartments or small apartments, but have subsequently conquered even the most spacious homes for their ability to make the environments more functional, bright and interconnected


In terms of design, an open plan living room requires special care in the choice of furniture, colors and lighting, in order to ensure harmony and cohesion between the different areas. Furnishing solutions for this type of environment should be as modular as possible and adaptable to different needs, combining functionality and aesthetics. 


Here are some ideas and trendy proposals by Grandsoleil to furnish a modern open space with taste and style. 

How to furnish an open plan kitchen living room

To furnish an open plan kitchen living room it is important to consider not only the practical and aesthetic needs, but also the shape and size of the space itself, its structural limitations and its particularities. This type of environment requires targeted furnishing solutions, which enhance its breadth, while keeping clear the divisions between the spaces and their functions inside the house. One of the fundamental aspects to consider is the fluidity of space, which must allow easy circulation and an unhindered interaction between the different areas.


Chairs play a crucial role in this context. For a modern open space, it is preferable to opt for chairs with a light and minimal design, which do not visually weigh down the environment. The choice of materials and colors can make the difference: transparent materials such as polycarbonate or neutral colors can help to create a feeling of greater breadth of space.


Extendable tables are the best choice for an open plan kitchen living room. These modern kitchen tables represent an optimal solution for those who want to optimize the spaces, combining practicality and design, without sacrificing convivial moments. In everyday life the extendable tables can be used in their most compact size, allowing you to have more space available and greater freedom of movement, but can be extended according to needs, for example to have more seats for guests when organizing lunches or dinners. 


Bar stools for kitchens are also a versatile and often space-saving solution, especially in open spaces with island or peninsula kitchens. They can be used as additional seats, or as connecting elements between the kitchen and the living area, for example if you have a counter or a central island or wall. They are also ideal for quick lunches and breakfasts or for more informal moments, and thanks to their usually thin and light structure, they do not steal visual space.

Open plan living room: 7 furnishing ideas by Grandsoleil

As we have seen, the furniture of an open space requires meticulous attention to detail and a clear overview, in order to create a fluid, functional and aesthetically harmonious environment. Grandsoleil offers functional, versatile and exclusive furniture solutions, designed to furnish modern open spaces and enhance the brightness and breadth of these spaces. Here are 7 open plan living room furnishing ideas to create cozy and well organized environments: 


1. Femme Fatale chair: made entirely of polycarbonate, it represents a perfect combination of modern design and functionality. One of its distinctive features is the transparency of the material, which gives it a light and almost ethereal appearance, able to integrate into any environment without weighing it down. Polycarbonate, in addition to being aesthetically appealing, offers significant advantages in terms of strength and durability, ensuring a long life. The ergonomic shape of the Femme Fatale has been designed to offer optimal comfort, with a slightly inclined backrest and a seat that adapts to the shape of the body. It is available in three different colors - transparent, ruby red or smoked - to allow you to create harmonious combinations with other furniture elements. 

2. Gruvyer chair in polycarbonate, which stands out for its particular structure and refined design, characterized by a series of weaves and geometries that make it unique in its kind. Polycarbonate gives it a brilliance and a crystal clear transparency, able to reflect the light and colors of the surrounding environment. In addition to its sophisticated design, the Gruvyer chair also has remarkable functional qualities, thanks to the polycarbonate structure that makes it incredibly durable, and can be easily stacked. This makes it a practical and versatile piece of furniture, ideal for optimizing spaces and facilitating the management of the environments in which it is used.

3. B-Side chair: thanks to its sinuous shapes it represents a perfect fusion between contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Made entirely of polycarbonate, the B-Side stands out for its brilliance and transparent surface, which gives it a highly sought-after translucent effect. One of the main features of this chair is its lightness, made possible by the minimal design and clean lines, which do not compromise its strength. Its ergonomics have been designed to ensure maximum support and comfort, with a slightly curved backrest and a seat that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The use of polycarbonate ensures both durability and a pleasant, smooth feeling to the touch.

4. Brooklyn extendable table: in the context of a modern open space, where flexibility and optimization of space are essential, this table represents the ideal furnishing solution. The Brooklyn table combines functionality and style in an impeccable way, perfectly adapting to the needs of contemporary environments. Characterized by clean lines and a minimalist design, it is built with high quality materials that guarantee durability over time. Its solid polypropylene structure, reinforced with galvanized steel bars, gives the table a high stability, while the extending top allows to modulate the space according to the needs. It is available in two colors (white or anthracite) and three different sizes, allowing you to choose the most suitable size for the type of use and environment in which it will be inserted. 

5. Marte table with tempered glass top, a perfect piece of furniture to combine with polycarbonate chairs to create a modern and refined visual effect. The legs in transparent polycarbonate with an inverted pyramid trunk give the table a unique look, making it the ideal choice to furnish open space and contemporary living areas. The transparency of the legs and the lightness of the design contribute to create a feeling of openness and spaciousness to the surrounding environment. In addition, its square shape offers a spacious area for everyday needs, but also to accommodate any guests for lunch or dinner. 

6. Mini Spider stool, an extremely innovative and functional solution for modern open spaces. Its slender structure and refined design make it not only a trendy piece of furniture, but also an object of remarkable practicality in dynamic and versatile spaces. One of the main features of the Mini Spider Fix stool is the spider web seat, in polycarbonate or HIGMOPP polypropylene, which gives a unique and original style to any type of environment. In addition, the chrome legs offer a stable and robust base, ensuring safe support without compromising the elegance of the design. The wide range of colors available, from neutral tones to the most vibrant, allows you to combine it with any style of furniture and enhance modern open spaces combining functionality, comfort and design. 

7. Mini Imola stool, a versatile piece of furniture with an essential design, ideal for modern contexts, where aesthetics play a fundamental role. The particular structure of the seat in opaque polypropylene and the chrome-plated legs ensure lightness, stability and ease of use, allowing it to be easily adapted to different situations, from the kitchen counter to the dining table or work station. This versatility, combined with the fact that it takes up little space, makes it ideal for dynamic and constantly evolving environments, typical of modern open spaces. It is available in a wide range of colors, offering different options to fit your style and surrounding decor.

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