How to mix and match table and chairs with style

How to mix and match table and chairs with style

How to match table and chairs: Grandsoleil furnishing ideas

The combination of table and chairs is a crucial aspect in the design of the interior of a house, such as the dining room or the kitchen, but also for the furnishing of outdoor environments. Choosing the right combination can make a difference and completely transform even the most minimal spaces. The table and chairs represent the fulcrum of an environment and the combination of colors, materials and styles, as well as the size of the space, are all elements to be carefully considered to ensure an appropriate match, which reflects personal tastes, without forgetting the functionality.

Here are some Grandsoleil proposals to match table and chairs with style and furnish different types of environments in a modern and functional way. 

Design table and chairs for a modern dining room

The combination of design table and chairs is perfect for those who want to furnish the dining room or kitchen with a contemporary, minimal and refined style. Dune chairs and Marte table by Grandsoleil are the ideal choice to furnish modern, minimalist or contemporary environments, where brightness and transparencies play a key role in creating a welcoming and classy atmosphere. Dune chairs, with their transparent polycarbonate structure and sinuous lines, create a refined visual effect, giving a brighter and airy appearance to the dining room.


The Marte table, with its tempered glass top and polycarbonate legs, blends perfectly with the chairs, creating a visual balance between the transparency of polycarbonate and the brightness of glass. This combination not only stands out for its modern and elegant appearance, but also for its functionality. The Marte table offers a large area to comfortably accommodate dinners and meetings with friends and family, while the Dune chairs ensure optimal support and maximum seating comfort

Brunch table and colored chairs: the ideal match for an industrial style kitchen

Among the latest furniture trends for the kitchen there is certainly the industrial style, able to combine aesthetics and functionality in a unique way. This style is characterized by a very particular design, based on simple and minimal lines and the choice of functional furniture, made with raw materials or vintage taste.  


The most suitable tables to furnish the kitchen in perfect industrial style are those in metal with clean and essential lines, which are able to give character and originality to the environment, such as the Brunch table by Grandsoleil. This table with a sheet metal top is a piece of furniture with a distinctive and modern design, but at the same time versatile and functional, perfect for decorating any space.

Its surface in sheet metal and the galvanized and painted frame give the table a resistant and modern look, which well reflects the trend of industrial furniture, characterized by the combination of raw materials and visually striking textures. The matt black structure fits perfectly in environments characterized by neutral tones and allows you to create interesting contrasts with other furnishing elements or decorative details with brighter colors. 


Candy Matt chairs are perfect to match the Brunch table to give a touch of color, freshness and personality to the kitchen. The seat in opaque polypropylene, available in a wide range of colors, and the legs in chromed steel (also available in black), give these chairs a contemporary and functional look, ideal for a lively domestic environment and everyday use such as the kitchen.

Extendable table and polypropylene chairs for open space or modern winter garden

In large indoor or outdoor environments, such as open space, terraces or winter gardens, the choice of an extendable table combined with colored polypropylene chairs is perfect for creating a cozy, functional and lively environment. An extending table is particularly suitable for these spaces, because it offers flexibility and adaptability: it can be extended according to needs and is ideal for organizing lunches, dinners or aperitifs with family or friends. 


The Brooklyn extendable table by Grandsoleil is a versatile and resistant piece of furniture, ideal to enhance spacious environments. Its polypropylene structure, reinforced with galvanized steel bars, guarantees strength and durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Polypropylene, a high-quality plastic material, ensures weather resistance and easy maintenance.

The extendable mechanism of the Brooklyn table makes it particularly suitable for environments such as open space or winter garden: it can be extended to accommodate more guests or reduced to occupy less space when not in use, a feature much appreciated in multifunctional spaces. 

To achieve a harmonious and modern effect, it can be combined with Gruvyer polypropylene chairs, which perfectly match the Brooklyn table thanks to their refined design and the variety of colors available. 

The web pattern gives these chairs a refined and elaborate look, creating a fascinating visual contrast with the simple and minimal lines of the Brooklyn table. 


Gruvyer chairs are available in 12 different colors, to allow you to customize any environment in a unique way, according to your tastes and preferences. In addition, the polypropylene structure ensures strength and stability, ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and easy maintenance, essential features for outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture. 


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