Polypropylene Gruvyer chair

Glossy polypropylene chair

The Gruvyer chair is the undisputed star of the IGAP Grandsoleil brand, protected by a global copyright. Set apart by its spider-web-inspired design, this unique masterpiece is made from polypropylene. Available in several colour schemes, it makes a seamless addition to any indoor or outdoor space.


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Logistica / Logistic

MISURE PALLET I PALLET DIM. (cm) 100 x 55 x 205 h
I PCS. TRUCK 1.584
PZ. 40’ CTR 
I PCS.40’ CTN 1.320
I WEIGHT (kg) 3,8

Dimensioni / Dimensions (cm)

Impilabile / Stackable

A distinctive character

The Gruvyer chair stands out for its originality and distinctive character. The spiderweb pattern gives the chair a stylish and creative look, while adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any environment it is placed in.

Made from high-quality polypropylene, the Gruvyer chair is sturdy and durable. The material provides remarkable robustness and stability, ensuring a reliable and comfortable seating experience. Its solid construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Gruvyer chair is available in over 12 different colors, offering a wide range of choices to easily match any setting. Whether you desire a neutral shade for a minimalist look or a bold color to add a vibrant touch, you will surely find the perfect variant to satisfy your tastes and needs.

The versatility of the Gruvyer chair is evident in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It can be successfully used in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, terraces, and gardens, adding a touch of style and personality to any environment. The Gruvyer chair easily adapts to different decorative styles, from contemporary to more classic designs.

Polypropylene Gruvyer chair

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