Elegant and functional kitchen furniture ideas

 Elegant and functional kitchen furniture ideas

Tips and ideas for furnishing the kitchen combining style and practicality

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces of the house, dedicated not only to the preparation of meals, but also to the sharing of special moments with family or friends. The kitchen furniture must therefore be chosen with particular attention, combining design and practicality, perfectly reflecting the tastes and style of those who live there. 
 Tables and chairs, in particular, are the protagonists of the kitchen space: these elements must ensure maximum functionality and comfort, facilitating daily activities, but also contribute to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Materials, sizes, shapes and colors must be carefully balanced to optimize the available space and enhance the entire environment, making the kitchen a pleasant place to meet, able to stimulate well-being and harmony at home.

In this article, we propose some ideas and tips on how to furnish the kitchen in an elegant and functional way, using the Grandsoleil furniture elements to achieve a perfect result.

Kitchen furniture: classic or modern?

Before choosing the kitchen furniture it is essential to evaluate the space available. Each kitchen has its own peculiarities: size, shape and lights play a key role in the choice of furniture. For those who have large rooms it will certainly be easier to create an extremely functional and comfortable space, but, among the different furniture proposals, there are also practical space-saving solutions designed to furnish small kitchens. 
Another important element to consider is the style of the kitchen, which can be classic and refined, or more modern and minimal, depending on personal tastes and preferences, but also on the characteristics of the environment and other spaces of the house. This decision will affect every aspect of kitchen furniture: from the choice of materials to colors, from the arrangement of furniture to accessories. 

Classic kitchens are typically characterized by wooden furniture or made with natural materials. Colors tend to be warm and neutral, such as cream, beige, dove grey or brown, sometimes enriched by the addition of contrasting elements, such as ceramic tiles with decorative patterns or marble surfaces. To furnish a classic kitchen, the furnishings must therefore evoke a sense of welcome and tradition, with an eye to quality materials and refined finishes. In addition to wood, materials such as glass or metal harmonize perfectly with this style, giving elegance to the environment and creating effects of transparencies and reflections that can illuminate and expand the space.

Classic kitchen tables and chairs must therefore follow the same principle of elegance and comfort. The ideal chair models are those with wooden details or with seats that recall the natural or pastel colors of the environment. 
To furnish a classic kitchen in a unique and personal way, it is also possible to play with a mix and match of furnishings, combining elements with traditional features with others with a more modern and minimal style. The important thing is to maintain a balance between the different furnishings, so that the table, chairs and other accessories share a stylistic thread that makes the kitchen classic, but at the same time cozy and functional.

Modern kitchen furniture stands out for its clean lines, the use of innovative materials and a color palette that ranges from neutral tones to more vibrant, creating environments that are extremely functional but at the same time cozy and elegant. The characteristics of this type of kitchen include wide open spaces, minimal shapes and the use of materials such as stainless steel, glass and especially polypropylene and polycarbonate for the furnishings. The colors tend to be monochromatic, with large surfaces in white, black or grey, often combined with furnishing elements with brighter tones to create dynamic and modern contrasts. 


Modern kitchen chairs and bar stools for the kitchen can be combined with tables in other materials, for example with glass or metal shelves, creating a coherent and impressive whole. These furnishings, in addition to meeting functional needs, become real design elements, able to enhance the kitchen space and make it a pleasant and welcoming environment. 

Kitchen tables that combine design and functionality

The table is one of the most important furnishing elements of the kitchen and must be chosen with care, taking into account several aspects. An ideal kitchen table should combine aesthetics and practicality, adapting to the needs of space and lifestyle of those who use it. Features such as the strength of the materials, ease of cleaning, versatility and the ability to integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture are fundamental. As for the materials, it is better to prefer wood, metal or glass, which offer different textures and possibilities of matching, allowing you to play with the finishes and colors to achieve the desired effect.


Grandsoleil kitchen tables are designed to adapt to different environments, perfectly combining design and functionality. In particular, the Marte table with tempered glass top is designed to fit both classic and modern kitchens and give elegance and any space. The glass top not only adds a touch of visual lightness, making the environment more airy and bright, but it is also extremely easy to clean, resistant to scratches and stains, so ideal for everyday use. Combined with the transparent polycarbonate chairs, such as the B-Side model, it creates a refined and contemporary ensemble, perfect for those looking for a furniture solution of great effect. 

Polycarbonate kitchen chairs: the ideal solution to complete the environment

The polycarbonate kitchen chairs represent an ideal solution for those who want to furnish this environment with a modern and functional style. Polycarbonate, a high-strength plastic material, combines durability and elegance, while offering a wide variety of finishes and colors. This makes the polycarbonate chairs perfect to integrate into any style of kitchen, from the most classic to the ultramodern. 

The transparency of the material can help create a feeling of more space and brightness inside the kitchen, blending perfectly with the other furnishing elements without overloading the environment. Moreover, the ease of cleaning and the high resistance make these chairs particularly suitable for daily use in the kitchen, where aspects such as practicality and hygiene are particularly important. 


Among the modern kitchen chairs proposed by Grandsoleil, the Femme Fatale chair is the ideal choice for those who want to furnish the kitchen with a touch of style, combining elegance and practicality in a clean and contemporary design. Femme Fatale is characterized by soft and sinuous lines that make it a refined piece of furniture, able to enrich the aesthetics of any kitchen. Its polycarbonate structure gives it great resistance and a long life, without sacrificing practicality, thus facilitating the movement and management of spaces. Available in four different colors, this modern kitchen chair allows you to play with colors and adapt to different color schemes, thus offering the ability to customize the environment according to personal tastes. 

​​Also kitchen stools in polypropylene or polycarbonate can be the ideal solution to furnish the kitchen, especially in modern environments such as open spaces or kitchens islands. Both polypropylene and polycarbonate are extremely versatile, allowing you to create stools with innovative designs and a variety of colors that will suit any interior style, from minimalist to contemporary. Versatile and easy to move, kitchen stools are perfect for everyday use and for dynamic and multifunctional environments, which can be rearranged as needed. 


Grandsoleil Mini Imola and Mini Spider stools in polypropylene are perfect examples of how this material can be used to create comfortable and at the same time modern and elegant seats. The Mini Imola stands out for its clean lines and its ergonomic shape, which offers superior seating comfort, making it ideal for long chats in the kitchen or to enjoy breakfast on the island. The Spider stool is characterized by a unique design, thanks to the particular style of the seat and the thin and chrome legs, which not only provide stability, but also add a touch of brightness and modernity to the space.


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