Garden furniture ideas: 5 modern and trendy solutions

Garden furniture ideas: 5 modern and trendy solutions

The best ideas and trends to decorate a garden combining style, comfort and functionality

Spring is approaching and the new season is the ideal time to rediscover and renew outdoor spaces. The choice of garden furniture is fundamental to create cozy and functional environments, and be able to make the most of the space available. With the right furniture every corner of the garden can be an opportunity to express your creativity and personality, and to enhance outdoor spaces by adding design elements that meet the needs of outdoor relaxation. 


Modern garden furnishing solutions offer a wide range of options: from the simplest and most minimalist to the most elaborate, always with a particular attention to sustainability and respect for the environment. Grandsoleil plastic garden furniture is designed to adapt to different styles and sizes of gardens and green spaces, offering the possibility to customize and transform outdoor environments according to needs. 


Here are five garden furniture ideas and some practical tips to prepare the garden for the arrival of summer and renew the outdoor spaces combining comfort and functionality. 

How to decorate garden: some tips

To decorate the garden it is essential to consider some fundamental elements, which will guarantee both the aesthetics and functionality of the chosen furniture. Here are some things to consider:


  • choice of materials: it is important to carefully evaluate the type of material used for garden furniture. In general, it is always advisable to prefer materials resistant to external agents and weathering, and easy to maintain, such as polypropylene. It is also important to consider the strength and durability of upholstery for chairs and sofas; 
  • functionality of the furniture: to better furnish outdoor spaces it is essential to think first of all about the needs of use, the size and type of space in which the furniture will be inserted. Functional and versatile furniture such as stackable chairs, extendable tables or adjustable and resealable sunbeds, which can be easily moved and adapted according to needs, are the ideal choice for outdoor spaces; 
  • style and design: the aesthetic factor is another aspect not to be underestimated in the choice of furniture for outdoor spaces. It is essential to opt for furniture that integrates harmoniously with the style of the garden and the house or the type of building in which they will be placed. To create a welcoming and harmonious environment, it is advisable to opt for designer furnishings that reflect personal tastes and that fit perfectly into green spaces, recalling textures, colors and materials of other furniture or structures already present. 
  • comfort is an equally important aspect for the choice of furniture for the garden. The furnishings should be comfortable and cozy, with soft cushions and ergonomic seats. To maximize comfort, in addition to chairs and tables, it may also be useful to include elements such as hammocks, sofas, armchairs or reclining sun loungers. 

Ideas for garden furniture: 5 trendy solutions

As we have seen, garden furniture is essential to create cozy and functional outdoor spaces, which reflect personal taste and ensure moments of relaxation in the open air. With the evolution of the concept of outdoor living, more and more people are looking for innovative ideas to make their garden exclusive, elegant and up to date with the latest trends. Let’s see together five garden furniture ideas ideal to enhance and renew outdoor spaces combining functionality and style: 

1. Use multifunctional furniture to optimize space

When it comes to decorating the garden, it is important to make the most of all the available space. Using multifunctional furniture is a smart choice to optimize space, transforming gardens and green areas into versatile environments suitable for different occasions. Stackable chairs, extendable tables and adjustable and foldable sun loungers allow to maximize the available space, both during use and storage, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to different needs. Stackable chairs, for example, allow you to quickly free up space when not in use, while extendable tables offer the possibility to accommodate more guests during lunches,  outdoor dinners or special events. 


The extendable Pagoda table by Grandsoleil is a versatile and functional option to furnish the garden, ideal for optimizing outdoor spaces. Made with high quality polypropylene, this table is weatherproof and easy to clean, ensuring durability even in outdoor environments exposed to weathering. Its extensible structure allows you to adapt the size of the table according to specific needs, offering flexibility of use and saving space when not in use. This feature makes it particularly suitable for gardens of various sizes, allowing you to create a cozy and functional environment without compromising the comfort of guests. To complete the outdoor space with a harmonious effect, the table can be combined with Maxi Amazon armchairs or Boheme armchairs, with an elegant design but at the same time functional and easy to stack.

2. Polypropylene garden chairs combine design and functionality

Outdoor chairs are an essential element to create a relaxation area in the garden or in other outdoor spaces, such as terraces or patios. Polypropylene garden chairs - such as those proposed by Grandsoleil - offer a perfect combination of functionality, resistance and style, adapting to a wide range of outdoor environments. Their versatility makes them suitable to be combined with different types of gardens or outdoor spaces, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere through a careful choice of colors and styles. 


If the garden has a rustic style, with lush plants and flower beds, you can opt for chairs with minimal design and dark colors - such as Paloma armchairs - that are able to integrate perfectly with the environment. On the contrary, if the garden is characterized by a tidy arrangement and soft colors, it is better to opt for more classic and elegant garden chairs - such as the Maxi Amazon Rattan armchair - with light colors to create a refined effect. Matching the chairs with the right garden table is just as important. The ideal choice would be to buy a set already designed to harmonize in the environment, but you can also opt for more eclectic solutions, playing with combinations to give the environment a more personal look. 

3. Garden tables: trendy materials and design

When choosing an outdoor table it is essential to opt for materials that guarantee strength, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Polypropylene tables are the best choice for garden furniture because this material ensures resistance to atmospheric agents, so it is perfect for outdoor environments exposed to the elements. In addition, it is a durable and easy to clean material, which does not require special maintenance over time. 


For small gardens, round or square garden tables such as the Madison rattan table may be preferred - they save space and can be easily moved according to needs. For large gardens, instead, you can choose larger garden tables - such as the oval Pagoda table or the Saint Moritz table - perhaps combined with coordinated chairs to create a cozy and functional outdoor dining area. In addition, you can enrich the decor with accessories such as umbrellas, decorative lights and cushions for chairs, which add a touch of personality and extra comfort to the garden. 

4. Create a relaxation area with comfortable sunbeds

A relaxation area with sun loungers is a must for any garden, especially if you also have a swimming pool. Polypropylene sun loungers, stackable or foldable, are the ideal choice to furnish different types of garden thanks to their characteristics of resistance and practicality. The ability to stack or close sunbeds as needed saves space when not in use. This is especially important for small gardens or for creating a temporary relaxation area. Grandsoleil sun loungers, such as the Airone sun lounger or the Premiere sun lounger, offer a combination of comfort, style and elegance, making them the ideal choice for relaxing in the garden, on the terrace or by the pool. 


Characterized by a modern and ergonomic design, sun loungers are made of high quality polypropylene that guarantees durability and durability. Equipped with an adjustable backrest and a storage unit, they offer optimal comfort for long relaxing sessions in the sun. In addition, the possibility of stacking or folding the beds makes it easy to move them, allowing them to adapt to the specific needs of the outdoor environment. 

5. Garden sets to create a convivial and welcoming space

Garden sets are an ideal solution to create a convivial and welcoming outdoor space, transforming the garden or the pool into a living area. Thanks to their resistant structure and materials suitable for outdoor use, garden sets can withstand the elements, ensuring a long life in time without sacrificing aesthetics. In addition, the ability to choose from a variety of styles and sizes allows you to adapt the living room to the specific needs and dimensions of the garden. For small gardens, for example, you can opt for more compact and modular sets, consisting of small armchairs and a coffee table, while for larger gardens you can create real lounge areas with sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. 


The Panka set by Grandsoleil, made of Greenpol recycled material, is the ideal choice to furnish any outdoor space in an elegant and functional way. Composed of two armchairs, a comfortable two-seater sofa and a pretty coffee table, this set combines comfort, style and sustainability. The Greenpol material gives the set strength and functionality, while the modern and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to the outdoor environment. The set also includes four comfortable seat cushions to ensure additional comfort and an optimal relaxation experience.


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