Balcony furniture: how to combine comfort and design

Balcony furniture: how to combine comfort and design

All the tips and suggestions to furnish the balcony with style and functionality

The arrival of spring invites you to spend more time outdoors. Especially for those living in the city, balconies and terraces are the ideal places to relax at the end of the day, to organize outdoor lunches or dinners, or simply to sunbathe or spend time with family or friends. No matter the size: from the smaller balconies to the larger terraces, with the right furniture every space can be transformed into an oasis of well-being and outdoor comfort, combining both functional and design aspects.

To create an outdoor space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and cozy, it is essential to consider several aspects and carefully choose the furniture for the balcony, opting for chairs, armchairs and outdoor living rooms that can help to enhance the environment and recreate exactly the desired atmosphere. It is important that the furniture elements fit perfectly into the available space, ensuring a good level of comfort, but that they are also durable and made with materials suitable for outdoor use.

Let’s see together some tips and suggestions to choose the ideal balcony furniture for every need and enhance outdoor spaces combining comfort and design.

How to furnish a balcony: the aspects to consider

To furnish a balcony in a functional way and make the most of all the space available, it is essential to consider a number of key aspects, which can affect not only the aesthetics but also the practicality and liveability of the outdoor environment. Here are the elements to evaluate:

  • the size and characteristics of the space: before choosing the furniture it is important to carefully evaluate the size of the balcony. A large space will certainly offer more freedom, allowing you to insert more elements, but will still require a good design and arrangement of the furniture. A small balcony, on the contrary, will need space-saving solutions, such as folding tables or stackable chairs, which can be easily stored when not in use. Also the specific characteristics of the space, such as the presence of steps, partition walls or particular angles, are essential aspects to take into account to choose the most suitable furniture; 
  • exposure to the sun and the elements: the position of the balcony and the possible presence of roofs, such as canopies or pergolas, are elements that can affect the furniture of the terrace, not only for the choice of materials, but also for the arrangement of the furnishings; 
  • the materials: the strength and durability of the outdoor furniture depends mainly on the materials of which they are composed. Plastic materials, such as polypropylene, and stainless steel, are generally the most suitable for outdoor furniture because they are weather resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The choice should always balance design and practicality, favoring materials that ensure a good durability but also have an excellent aesthetic; 
  • the desired style: defining the style of the balcony is a fundamental step to create a welcoming environment that reflects your personal tastes. If you prefer a classic, modern, rustic or minimalist style, it is important that the furniture is integrated harmoniously with the overall design of the house, creating a stylistic continuity between the outdoor and indoor environments; 
  • the colors and dimensions of the furnishings: visual balance is essential for a cozy and stylistically successful terrace and the color palette must be in harmony with the surrounding environment. In general, light colors tend to visually expand the space, so they are particularly suitable for small terraces, while more bright and vibrant ones can be used to create contrasts and focal points within the environment. The proportionality of the furniture to the available space is also fundamental. 

Balcony tables and chairs to make the space functional and cozy

Balcony tables and chairs are indispensable furnishing elements to make the outdoor spaces functional and comfortable. The choice of these furniture should always be made taking into account the size of the balcony and the specific needs of those who live it. In a small balcony, where every inch counts, better to opt for folding or stackable chairs and small and compact balcony tables, which allow you to optimize the space and can be easily moved according to needs, adapting to different situations, whether it is a breakfast or an evening aperitif. 


The Zavor table by Grandsoleil, for example, is the ideal choice for small outdoor spaces such as balconies and patios. The compact polypropylene structure and the practical folding shelf make it easily adaptable to any outdoor environment, allowing you to optimize the available space and create a cozy and functional environment. The minimal design also gives the table an elegant and modern look, creating a perfect match with the Trieste chairs or armchairs, available in different colors. The result is a versatile and functional coordinated set, ideal for decorating a small terrace combining practicality and style.  

For larger terraces, the possibilities are expanded: you can choose between various sizes and shapes, from round tables to oval or rectangular, always considering your needs and the number of people you are used to host. Extendable tables, such as the Brooklyn table, are the best solution to make the most of the available space and to adapt it according to the needs, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for any occasion. 


The Brooklyn model stands out for its strength and practicality, fundamental aspects for daily use and to welcome family or friends during lunches or dinners outdoors. Its extensibility makes it extremely versatile, allowing you to adapt the available space according to the number of guests. The table can be combined with the Rome chairs to give the environment a harmonious look and turn the terrace into a cozy and elegant space.


On the more spacious terraces it is also possible to create several functional areas, for example a dining area and a relaxation corner, each furnished with its own set of tables and chairs. Obviously, the colors of the furniture will have to adapt to the overall aesthetics of the terrace and the house to maintain a visual balance between the different elements. Neutral colors such as anthracite gray, white and beige tend to blend in easily with the surroundings, while more vibrant shades can be used to create color accents that liven up the space.

Balcony sets: the ideal choice to furnish with style

Balcony sets are perfect for those who want to furnish the terrace combining style and functionality. Designed specifically for outdoor use, they offer the perfect balance between comfort and weather resistance, transforming the balcony into a cozy extension of the indoor living area. Thanks to the variety of styles, materials and configurations available, it is possible to create custom outdoor environments that reflect personal tastes and adapt to the different needs of space and use.


Furnishing the terrace with an outdoor chair set means you can enjoy a relaxing space where you can welcome friends for aperitifs at sunset, organize outdoor dinners or simply relax with your family. For example, a set consisting of a sofa, armchairs and a low table, such as the Panka set, is ideal to create a cozy and at the same time elegant atmosphere for moments of relaxation and recreation in the open air. The design of the Panka set, modern and attractive, is designed to fit perfectly in different outdoor contexts, from the most classic to the contemporary. In addition, the terrace set is made with the innovative recycled plastic material that, in addition to ensuring durability and a long life, also has a reduced environmental impact, making it the ideal option for those looking to combine sustainability and quality of furniture.

Obviously, even in choosing the balcony set it is essential to consider the size and characteristics of the outdoor space. For small balconies are more suitable modular sets or composed of individual pieces, which can be easily rearranged or moved. On the larger terraces, however, you can opt for sets with more seats or corner sofas, such as the Sorrento Corner set, consisting of a 5-seater modular sofa and a small cushions storage table that adds functionality to the set, offering a practical space to place snacks, drinks or decorative objects to complete the decor of the balcony. 


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