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Launched in 1962, the historic GRANDSOLEIL brand has long specialised in the production of plastic garden furniture, leisure areas and open spaces, as well as outdoor toys. The internationally renowned company has belonged to IGAP SpA, an Italian group owned by the Pezzi family, since 2005. For more than 60 years, GRANDSOLEIL has been operating successfully throughout Europe, building up a customer base that includes many major European groups and establishing modern distribution chains.



Recognising the value of the brand, IGAP SpA has stayed true to its traditional products, to which it has added new options, ranges and materials, as well as innovative indoor furniture. Quality, elegance and practicality have always been the hallmarks of GRANDSOLEIL products, with classic and on-trend styles that allow them to respond to market demand quickly and efficiently. The entire company has always been dedicated to customer service, fostering loyalty and ensuring a high level of availability. IGAP Grandsoleil's products embody the Made in Italy spirit, as reflected in the quality, safety and elegance of the different outdoor furniture options, and each piece is thoroughly tested in the factories in Canneto sull'Oglio, in the Province of Mantua.

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When GRANDSOLEIL was purchased by IGAP SpA, it represented a turning point for the entire production department, which was internally restructured and reorganised. This fundamental process consolidated the brand's unique qualities, building on its past to create a strong future.

In the second half of 2008, IGAP launched a major investment project in Canneto sull'Oglio in order to reposition the brand according to a new mission: combining innovative engineering with the iconic style of the GRANDSOLEIL brand.

Drawing on GRANDSOLEIL's manufacturing expertise and the brand's production potential, IGAP mapped out two directions for the future development of the operating unit. IGAP chose to embrace innovative technopolymers, introducing polycarbonate and new polypropylene-based technopolymers to mass produce chairs and tables.

To implement these developments, the company prepared an investment plan, which led to an increase in the number of presses operating in the factories. During the same period, GRANDSOLEIL introduced new technologically advanced moulds in order to produce polycarbonate products more quickly and keep pace with market demand.

Today, the annual production capacity is over four million units, which represents more than 12,000 polycarbonate chairs per day. Our customers all around the world can choose from a growing range of highly innovative products, designed with durable and high-quality materials that guarantee sturdiness and longevity.

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