Polycarbonates are high-quality plastic materials, known for their impressive durability, lightness and clarity. These polymers are used in diverse fields, from construction to transport and from optics to aeronautics, right through to furniture. By embracing the latest industrial technology in the field, GRANDSOLEIL has created a new all-polycarbonate line, including the FEMME FATALE, B-SIDE, JOKER, HYPNOTIC and GRUVYER outdoor and indoor chairs, as well as the latest NILO and LITTLE ROCK pieces. Combining elegant transparent materials with bold colours, these polycarbonate chairs are a practical option for countless settings: public and private, indoor and outdoor.


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic material primarily used for the production of everyday items, backed by constant technological advancements. For many years, GRANDSOLEIL has been using the highest quality polymers to create practical and easy-to-maintain outdoor chairs, garden sun loungers and garden tables. In recent years, IGAP SpA has introduced the innovative HIGLOPP and HIGHMOPP technopolymers, which are ideal for manufacturing versatile furniture with bright, glossy surfaces. GRANDSOLEIL has also combined polypropylene with chrome-plated metal to create a line of modern, elegant and sturdy chairs and tables to meet our customers' style needs.

GREENPOL: an innovative recycled material

Many products in the GREEN BOHEME line are created using GREENPOL: a recycled and innovative material made from recycled household plastic containers (detergent and soap containers and bottles, etc.).

IGAP - GRANDSOLEIL has been using this recycled material to manufacture high-quality products for many years. For example, using GREENPOL to create our RATTAN SETS has allowed us to considerably reduce our use of virgin materials without sacrificing safety or aesthetics.

As they are both recycled and recyclable, these products can actually be transformed into new pieces at the end of their life."

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