Modern restaurant furniture: trendy ideas

Modern restaurant furniture: trendy ideas

Discover the best trends for the decor of a modern restaurant

The decor of a restaurant is not only an aesthetic issue, but plays an important role in creating a unique experience for customers. A well-furnished restaurant can positively influence the judgment of customers and make them feel at ease, encouraging them to return: from the choice of the type of lights to chairs, from the table to other furnishing accessories, everything must be functional and perfectly match the environment. In addition, the furniture is essential to communicate the style and personality of the room and create a unique and exclusive atmosphere, distinguishing it from the competition. 


A modern and elegant restaurant requires a refined and contemporary design that reflects the latest trends. Here are some furniture ideas by Grandsoleil, perfect for the decor of a modern restaurant, and some useful tips to create a unique environment, combining style, comfort and innovation. 

Key elements for the decor of a modern restaurant

To create a modern and elegant restaurant you will need to pay attention to several aspects. Before choosing furniture and furnishing accessories you will first need to define the style and atmosphere that you want to recreate. Whether minimalist, industrial or eclectic, the style should be consistent throughout the room and ensure that the space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and welcoming to customers. The choice of colors also plays a key role:  neutral colors such as white, gray and black are often used as a basis for modern furniture. Warm and cozy shades can create a relaxing atmosphere, but you can also choose bright and eye-catching colors, such as dark blue or emerald green, to create a focal point and add personality to the environment.

To achieve a contemporary and trendy design, it is essential to pay attention to the choice of materials, which must be modern and high quality. The use of materials such as polypropylene, stainless steel and natural wood can give the restaurant a contemporary and elegant look. A fundamental aspect to consider in the choice of furniture materials is functionality: it is better to opt for high quality materials that are resistant and easy to clean.

One last aspect to consider for the furnishing of an elegant restaurant is the lighting, which will need to be carefully designed to improve the overall atmosphere and highlight specific points of interest or architectural or decorative details. Depending on the desired effect, it is possible to use a combination of soft lights and light points to create different atmospheres inside the room, or opt for more modern and directional solutions, to highlight certain areas or furniture. Also consider the arrangement of tables and chairs, which should be designed to facilitate the movement of staff and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for customers. 

Restaurant tables and chairs: how to choose them?

The choice of tables and chairs is crucial for a modern restaurant furniture, since these elements not only define the style and atmosphere of the venue, but also affect the comfort and overall experience of customers. Restaurant tables and chairs should reflect the aesthetics of the room, integrating harmoniously with the environment and with the other furnishing elements, but also be functional, comfortable and designed to withstand intensive daily use, typical of the catering industry. 


The flexibility of the furniture is also crucial. Tables and chairs for a restaurant should be easily movable to fit different configurations of space, so they can also be used for special events or to change the layout as needed. 

Grandsoleil offers practical and versatile tables and chairs, designed to adapt to different environments and needs, offering a combination of functionality, modernity and elegance. All Grandsoleil furnishings are made with high quality materials, which ensure durability and durability, and are distinguished by their sophisticated and contemporary design, which is able to add a touch of class to any environment. In addition, they are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, to create comfortable environments and ensure customers maximum comfort. 

Modern restaurant furniture: 3 furnishing proposals by Grandsoleil

As we have seen, furnishing a modern restaurant requires special care in the choice of furnishings, which must combine style, functionality and comfort. Furnishing proposals by Grandsoleil represent ideal solutions for those who want to create a contemporary, elegant and welcoming environment. Here are three furnishing proposals that can transform a restaurant into a unique and trendy space: 


1. Gruvyer table and chairs: the Gruvyer table and the Gruvyer polypropylene chairs are an ideal combination to furnish a modern restaurant, combining contemporary design, functionality and durability. This set stands out for its clean lines and minimalist style, characteristics that make it suitable for different types of environments, from the most informal to the most refined. The Gruvyer table, with its worked top and sturdy legs, offers a stable and wide support surface, ideal for welcoming customers in a comfortable environment.

Gruvyer chairs, made of polypropylene, are the perfect choice for the furnishing of a modern restaurant. This material, known for its strength and ease of maintenance, makes it particularly suitable for intensive use, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the ergonomic design ensures high comfort, essential to ensure customers a pleasant sitting experience during meals. Aesthetically, the chairs feature a design characterized by sinuous lines and a perforated texture that adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the environment. The variety of colors available allows you to adapt this set to any decorative style and color palette, helping to create an exclusive atmosphere.

2. Brunch table and Venice chairs: the combination of the square Brunch table with Venice chairs is an excellent choice for those looking for functional, resistant and design furniture for their restaurant. The Brunch table is distinguished by the sheet metal top, a material that gives strength and durability, fundamental aspects in the catering industry. The table design, simple but elegant, with clean lines and an industrial look, is perfectly suited to modern and minimalist interiors, but also to more rustic and trendy spaces. Venice polypropylene chairs are the perfect combination for the Brunch table. Venice chairs have a modern design with an elegant and refined silhouette, which perfectly matches the lines of the table, and are particularly versatile and adaptable to different configurations of spaces. In addition, polypropylene is easy to clean and weather resistant, making these chairs also suitable for any outdoor spaces of the restaurant. 

3. Brooklyn table and Paris chairs: the combination of the square Brooklyn table and the Paris polypropylene chairs is ideal to create an elegant environment, also ensuring comfort and practicality, essential elements to offer customers a quality experience. The Brooklyn table is characterized by its robust polypropylene structure, reinforced with galvanized steel bars, which makes it particularly durable and ideal for frequent use. Thanks to its smooth surface and minimalist design it adapts perfectly to different styles of interior, adding a touch of elegance and modernity. With their refined design and sinuous lines, Paris chairs are the perfect match for this table. The ergonomic shape of the chairs ensures optimal comfort, a fundamental aspect to ensure customers a pleasant experience. In addition, the lightness of polypropylene makes them easy to move, allowing you to reorganize spaces with maximum ease and flexibility. The chairs are available in a wide range of colors to allow you to customize the environment according to needs or to create color accents and interesting contrasts even in the most minimal spaces.  

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